An asset recovery fund is a trust that invests in a company’s assets. The funds are invested in real estate, equipment, and other properties that are seized or otherwise lost in the criminal or judicial process. They are managed by a management team and the funds are usually raised through a public offering. The trust can help the claimant recover their assets after the claimant has lost them through fraud, negligence, or a variety of other circumstances.

The fund is managed by the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General for Corruption and Asset Recovery. The StAR Initiative has made recommendations to strengthen the monitoring process and appropriate financial management arrangements. They also recommend that the role of civil society be included in the monitoring process. While there have been some improvements in asset recovery processes over the last few years, there is still much more to be done before such funds can deter corrupt activity and provide adequate remedies for victims.

An asset recovery fund is a tool that helps return stolen assets to their countries of origin. In Spain, politicians have stolen more than 10 billion Euros in public funds over 40 years. This money comes from working class Spaniards and has been transformed into luxury cars, mansions, and foreign bank accounts. People with privileged lifestyles use these funds to buy their luxury cars and live in luxurious mansions. If the proceeds of corruption were returned, these funds would go directly to the victims.